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VLM Airlines Opening Times


08:00AM - 04:00PM





About VLM Airlines
In 1993, the VLM started and became the most commercially prosperous airlines in Belgium and operating over 500 flights in a week from the airport of London City, but later in 2008, the VLM was acquired by the Air France-KLM through the Cityject and the VLM’s fleet was redesigned in Cityjet colours and then later in 2010, the airline was combined. The VLM Airlines became a part of the INTRO Group in 2014 and was sold to VLM Airlines in the same year and now operating as an independent airline under Hamish Davidson, the CEO and Arthur White, the Chairman of the VLM Airlines phone number.

Flight and Services of the VLM Airlines
The VLM Airlines offers scheduled routes as well as charters independently in Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands and United Kingdom. Routes are also operated for Cityjet and available in Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Other airlines including Air France and Flybe are also operated in ACMI-basis. Simple fares and promotions are also offered by the VLM Airlines phone number, such as the vlmessential tickets for an economical fare, the vlmexecutive ticket for a varied itinerary and the vlmelect tickets for benefits like lounge access or extra baggage. Flattering in-flight services on every trip with the VLM Airlines phone number is always assured.

Contacting VLM Airlines
Flying with the VLM Airlines phone number will surely give you a great experience and the airlines will always be thankful to you for flying with them. You can find all the flight information by browsing the official website of the VLM Airlines phone number at and for additional information, you may send the VLM Airlines an e-mail at [email protected] You may call the VLM Airlines phone number at +32 3285 6866, which is available from Monday to Friday at 8am to 8pm (CET), on Saturdays at 8am to 12 noon (CET) and on Sundays at 4pm to 8pm (CET).

Tips and Recommendations
The Customer service of the VLM Airlines phone number is always willing to be at your service. It is through the official website of the VLM Airlines, where you can find all the topics you need, such as your Booking, Baggage, timetable, Special Assistance, Business Lounges, Car Rentals, Hotel Search, Group Bookings, Traveling with your pets and Children traveling alone. All the necessary phone number of the countries where the VLM operates are listed on the official website for your ease of calling them. If you need a personal visit, go to the International Airport Antwerp, Airport Building B50, 2100 Deume – Belgium.

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