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What about Vanbreda
The Vanbreda was established in 1937, which became as the leading self-governing insurance broker and risk advisor in Belgium and a leading insurance partner in Benelux. More than 550 people were employed, over 30,000 clients were advised, having 11 Offices in the Benelux and 81 million Euros turnover in 2014 under the Chief Executive Officer of the Vanbreda named, Pedro Matthynssens. The Vanbreda phone number can help in insurance advices, risk management and management of claims. As a leader in the market, they have a European partnership with the EOS RISQ and its international affiliate, the Lockton Global to continue serving the people.

Offered Services to Individual and Enterprises
Solutions for your risks that will insure and protect you and an eTool, which provides an online access of the insurance matters, are offered by the Vanbreda phone number. For Enterprises, Risk reduction and analysis are provided to large companies and multinationals with benefits for the employees, specializing in the business activities of the SMEs, social profit and public sector policies for your activities and the best insurance for federations and professional associations. When it comes to Individual Services, the Vanbreda phone number protect entrepreneurs and self-employed people by offering insurance packages, protect directors and VIPs from risks and insurance to European officials.

Contacting the Vanbreda
The best and the most effective way of contacting the Vanbreda phone number is by visiting their official website at the and it is also through their website, where you can connect with the staff via the Contact Form. If you would like to post your issues, then the office is addressed at Vanbreda Risk & Benefits, Plantin en Moretuslei 297, 2140 Antwerp. You may also call the Vanbreda phone number at +32 3217 6767 or at +32 3217 6222. Sending the Venbreda an e-mail is also possible, you may simply send your messages at their e-mail address at [email protected]

Tips to Individual and Enterprises
Contacting the Vanbreda phone number is always possible through their official website, which is very helpful for individual and enterprise customers, because all the necessary information that you need to know about the Vanbreda and their services are all featured on their official website, so it will not be a problem for you find what you want, but if you have queries that needs an urgent response, then do not hesitate to call the phone numbers of the Vanbreda. It will also be at ease locating them because you can find their location map online at the Contact Page provide on the website.

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