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TNT Airways History
Ken Thomas started a business in 1946 comprising of only a single truck, which later continued to grow. It was in 1961 when the TNT was first listed on Sydney’s stock exchange and later in 1967 created a new company, called the Thomas Nationwide Transport, which started its express freight services in 1973. Air transport activities of the TNT started in 1979. The KPN acquired TNT Limited in 1996 and became the TNT Post Group. In 2000, the TNT Airways was created and been successful with Lars Jordahn as the Managing Director of the Global Airlines, who is heading the Board of Management of the TNT Airways phone number.

Services offered by the TNT Airways
The TNT Airways offer various services, such as the Airline Services that includes Air Cargo Sales, which operates scheduled overnight services to more than 60 destinations in Europe including Airport to Airport Linehaul Services and Specialist Services, and Cargo/Horse Charter offering the best to customers with professional teams of engineers, loadmasters, dispatchers and 24/7 operational; the Airport Services provided by the TAY Airport Services for an even and competent treatment for cargo and passenger aircraft; the Express Services, which allows close deliveries; and the Special Services for the shipment of items that are fragile or goods that requires special attention.

How to reach the TNT Airways
Browsing and learning about the TNT Airways phone number online is possible through their official website at TNT Airways S.A. at Liege Airport, Rue de l‘aeroport, Building 101, 4460 Grace-Hollogne, Belgium with TNT Airways phone number at +32 4239 3000 and fax at +32 4239 3999; TNT Express Euro Hub at Liege Airport, Rue de l’aeroport, Building 90, 4460 Grace-Hollogne, Belgium with TNT Airways phone number at +32 4239 5000 and fax at +32 4239 5099 and TNT Airways S.A. Passenger Services at Brussels National Airport, Brucargo Building 117D, 1931 Melsbroek, Belgium are ways of connecting to the TNT Airways. Calling the TNT Hotline is also available at 551 5632.

Tips and recommendations for you
Aside from reading information about the TNT Airways on their official website. There is nothing more you can ask for when it comes to the transparency of the TNT Airways website because whatever you need is already provided for you. All the necessary phone numbers for each particular area are already found on the website, so there is nothing you can ask for aside from your issues and concerns regarding their services, but you may also follow the activities and updates of the TNT Airways phone number via different social media applications like the LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.

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