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Background and Figures about the SFR TV
The SFR and the Numericable Numericable Group were combined in November 2014, which led to the rise of the group’s fixed mobile union in France under the dedicated leadership of Michael Combes, the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer, and its team. As a global operator and being the first fiber optic operator in France, the SFR TV phone number plays an important role in the telecommunications market for the general public, corporate, groups or operators. There are about 14,500 employees working in the SFR to continue their services to nearly 22million consumers. For the SFR TV, the video on demand service of the Altice Group will always be available.

The SFR TV services for SFR customers
With 190, 000 business customers, 6.4million household subscribers to high speed broadband, more than 250 carriers of fixed line, MVNO and International customers and 1.7million household subscribers with a very high speed broadband, the SFR TV brands will push through their services. Having the power of the SFR TV phone number, the SFR customers are enjoying the best of the TV series and movies available in HD. An extensive network in optical fiber will surely give customers the best experiences in TV and TV VOD with almost 30,000 titles. The SFR TV phone number offers over 400 channels and 95 HD channels.

Contacting the SFR TV
There are many things to discover about the SFR TV phone number and all you want to know can be found on the official website of the SFR at so it is a must for the current customers or subscribers and future SFR fanatics to explore the website. Consumers are also welcome to visit the office at 12, rue Jean-Philippe Rameau, CS 80001, 93634 La Plaine Saint-Denis CEDEX. For those who would like to send or request projects for the foundation of the SFR TV phone number, they can send an e-mail at [email protected] You may also call the SFR TV phone number at 08266 26995.

Tips and Recommendations to SFR Consumers
Vast range of information is provided for the million household and business customers online. If you have time to browse their official website, then you can surely get what you want to know about the SFR TV phone number, so if you have additional questions or more details about the services offered by the SFR TV, then feel free to call their hotline, but if you have ample time to send your queries online, then it is also a good way of contacting the staff of the SFR TV. Do not forget to sign up an account at SFR to send and receive your requests.

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