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Brief Background about the Scarlet
When it comes to telecommunications, the Scarlet, which was established in 1997, will always be an active Internet Service Provider, fixed and mobile telephony supplier in Belgium. Another place where the Scarlet was established is in the Netherlands and that was in 1992, but later was rebaranded and called Stipte in June 2014. The Scarlet phone number also have some operations in the Luxembourg, Curacao and Sint Maarten cities. In the 15th of February 2008, the Belgacom Group officially announced their acquisition of the Scarlet NA/SA with the aim of complementing its offers with the Scarlet’s affordable products in the field of telecommunication.

Affordable Products and Services Offered
Various products are offered by the Scarlet phone number and those products and subscriptions are designed in favor of the consumers. It includes the Scarlet Trio, the Proximus TV, the Scarlet Internet and Telephony, the Scarlet Internet, the Scarlet Postpaid and other services for schools and phone that comes in different low cost promotion packages that every consumer will surely afford to have. The Scarlet phone number would like to focus on their consumers by giving the best value for their money, especially in the digital TV, fixed and mobile telephony and Internet connections for the ADSL and the VDSL.

Contacting the Scarlet
Checking out the products and services that the Scarlet have is nice and you can do that by visiting the official website at If you are in need of help, then you have to call the Scarlet phone number hotlines at 02 275 27 27 from 9am to 9pm or to place an order, you may call toll-free at 0800 84 000, but they are closed on Sundays and holidays. The Correspondence address of the Scarlet phone number is at PO Box 10008, B-3570 Alken and the Head Office address of the Scarlet phone number is at Carli 2, B-1140 Evere, so you may send your questions through the post.

Tips to Scarlet Consumers
Calling the Customer Service Representatives of the Scarlet phone number was made convenient for the benefit of the consumers. You just have to make sure that you are not calling the Hotline on Sundays because that is a holiday and the Hotline Staff is not available to answer your questions and can’t give you an assistance, but you may try looking for an answer to your questions online by visiting the Frequently Asked Questions page of the website. If you would like to send your important questions through e-mail, then you have to log into your account and wait for the Customer Care’s response.

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