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Proximus Opening Times


08:00AM - 10:00PM



Facts about the Proximus Group
In 1930s the RTT started bringing the telephone to Belgium and with the fast-growing number of users in the country, it has been established and became a group named as the Proximus Public Limited Company, which is under the Belgian Public Law that took effect on the 22nd of June in the year 2015, having a company number of BE. 0202.239.951 under the Regulation Authority of the Belgian Institute for Postal services and Telecommunications. The Proximus phone number now have a capital share of EUR 1 billion and was managed by Dominique Leroy, who was the appointed CEO in January 2014.

Variety of Products to Choose from
The Proximus phone number has a variety of products to offer. Users may apply for their mobile and prepaid card subscriptions. You may also avail the different packages and promotions offered for your Internet, TV and Fixed Telephony in Classic lines. Subscriptions with and without promotions are made accessible for Mobile Internet, the Pay & Go cards for top-up, the Easy+ and the Smart+. Aiming to deliver the supreme services and eminent products to a comprehensive variety of customers, the Proximus phone number make sure that customers and clients will meet their demands and experiencing the greatness of digital convergence.

Getting connected with the Proximus Group
Finding the Proximus phone number online is firm by solely visiting their official website at Exploring on the webpage will lead to several ways of getting through the Proximus Group. Reading the forum is one way of voicing out your queries. You may also connect through their Twitter with the #proximushelp and Facebook page. If you would like to talk to the Customer Service representatives, then you have to dial 0800 55 800 or you may call the Proximus phone number at +32 2 202 41 11 in the office. Customers proceeding to the Office address at Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 27 B – 1030 in Bruxelles are also entertained.

Suggestions to customers of the Proximus Group
You are interested in talking to the customer representatives due to a more detailed information that you need to know or because of some technical issues that you are encountering as a subscriber. Before talking to them personally or through phone, you may try to submit your queries first online. The Proximus phone number has a page provided for your queries and you will receive action from the group, and don’t forget browsing the forum that can help to keep you updated. For your suitability, make an appointment first before the group advice you at home or at the center.

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