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Rise of the Orange
In the history of the Orange Company that has been in service for 200 years, €732 million was invested in communications and innovation in serving 230 million customers across the world. The Orange phone number employed around 157,000 employees where 98,000 employees are in France and that is under the management of the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the Orange Company named Stephane Richard. The company started a foundation in 1987 that supports approximately 400 of the best projects every year, which is committed in Education, Healthcare, Culture and Employee Involvement to help everyone have a better communication.

Activities and Services offered
Being one of the largest operators in telecommunication services in Europe and Africa means a global leader among corporations and that is an honor in the whole Orange phone number group. The Orange phone number have activities and expertise that offer OBS portal for business services, Money transfer using the Orange Money, International Wholesale Solutions, The Digital Single Market, Orange Healthcare, OCS packages for movies and TV series, Orange studio for French and European Films, OBS Blogs and bloggers and Orange Marine for submarine telecommunications. Advanced communications and collaboration, IT Solutions, Mobility, Networks, Security, Customer Relationships and Professionals Services will make one’s life essential with the Orange phone number.

Getting in Touch with the Orange
Browsing the official website of the Orange phone number at is the best way of connecting to the Orange. The other ways of getting in touch with the Orange phone number is to find an office near you, get in touch with your local account team, submit requests related to industry analysts and get press and media relations information. For customers of the Orange France, you may reach the number either in France or abroad at +33 (0)9 69 36 39 00. Do not be worried about the language because the hotline includes technical support in English language for English speakers living in France.

Tips from the Orange
There are 160 countries around the world who had been trusting the orange phone number, so you must get a copy of the Global Customer Service Desk Directory, which you may download from their site. Knowing the Service Desk telephone number for your location will help you connect to the Orange faster. The people behind the support desk are always available 24 hours a day for your best convenience. If you are just a new subscriber, you have to make a request a My Service Space Account so that you can report your concerns to the Service Desks and make sure to read the policies and procedures of the Orange.

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