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Some Facts about Lycamobile
One of the fastest growing telecommunications provider in Belgium is the Lycamobile, which was founded in the year 2006 and received an award from the International MVNO Industry Awards with the Most Successful MVNO. There is just one mission that the Lycamobile would like to push through, and that is to keep on connecting people around the world with their family and friends. The availability of the Lycamobile phone number across nineteen countries is a big factor for the Lycamobile to operate and continue expanding, providing 14million customers at a low cost rate and a high quality of data and voice services.

What Lycamobile provide to customers
The best Offers are provided by the Licamobile phone number such as Low and Free calls to different countries, the News Updates, Unlimited Calls and SMS, Roaming free of charge, Bundles, Extra credits earned from top ups and Sending SIM cards for free. Affiliates are also encouraged by the Lycamobile phone number to start earning money. Registering with the Lycamobile phone number gives you the privilege to view your credit balance, phone calls and recharging history, setting up an auto-recharge to avoid zero credit, online top up, updating and securing your personal details, transferring your number and changing your plan.

Getting connected with the Lycamobile
Going online and surfing the web is one of the widely used time killing hobbies that people of all ages are doing and checking out the official website of the Lycamobile at will keep you well-versed about the Lycamobile phone number, especially if you are a Lycamobile customer. It will be a very helpful website for you to read because everything that you need to know is on the FAQ page. If you would like to contact the Customer Services, then dial the Lycamobile phone number 1976 or 94# from your Lycamobile or 0800 49 811 from other phones.

Having time to talk to the Customer Service of Lycamobile
For those who have more questions to ask about the Lycamobile phone number, you are always welcome to call the Customer Service at the most convenient time, but you must know that they are available to talk to you from 9am to 9pm on Mondays to Fridays and from 9pm to 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays. If you missed calling them, then you may simply fill out their page online and send your queries. If you are calling because of a complaint and wants further investigation after the call, then send an e-mail at [email protected] for your assistance and satisfaction.

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  1. regio grigi

    i’m using lyca almost 8 years and quite happy with it, recently i decided to add one bundle with internet and everything went ok but when i paste for first time border from Belgium to Netherland problem started no internet ok i had to setup access point for Netherland because dosen’t goes it self but the real problem started when i came back to Belgium then my sim card didn’t switch to belgium net work, now it shows emergency calls only even I’m not able to call to lyca help desk on 1976, however I tried to call help desk with another phone and my answer was ( I should get another sim card ) haaaaaaaaaa good service!!!!

  2. Prelvukaj Daorsa

    Ich habe neue Sim karte
    Wie kann es aktivieren

  3. Sergio

    Good morning
    My name is Sergio Diz I am a lyca.mobil user since a few days, I don’t have signal to call in my phone I really need to call, please fix this as soon as possible.

  4. Pema dolma

    I am also using lyca long time ago. Even I my sim card also not working

  5. Mariana A

    I thought I am the only one with problems in Belgium… The curious thing is my daughter have also Lyca and her sim works perfectly fine. Just today I stood on the line waiting for more than 1 h… till 18.00 h when I was shut off and sent to… hmm.. writ a mail to them. I did that yesterday!!!!!!!! Any other company which respect its clients would respond in 24 h!!!!!!!! But nooot Lyca 🙁 My job depends on this number… Is just a lousy service.

  6. Moses Frimoong

    I am using Lyca for a long time and for about a week now my sim card is not working, please fix it for me

  7. Moses Frimoong

    I’m a user of Lyca Sim card but for about a week now it has atop working, please kindly fix it for me,thank you

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