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About the Lastminute
When it comes to last minute travels, the Lastminute is the champion that you can count on. The Lastminute started in October 1998 with the idea of Brent Hoberman, who joined forces with Martha Lane Fox. After two successful years, the Lastminute has grown to over 500,000 regular users online and then later on adding the theatre tickets and restaurant deals. Martha Lane Fox has left the Lastminute phone number in 2003 and in May 2005, the Travelocity bought the Lastminute, then later in 2006, Brent Hoberman stepped down as the CEO and now Matthew Crummack is in charge of the Lastminute.

Services to Customers
Last minutes services in different categories, such as hotels, euro stars, short breaks, weekend breaks, holidays, theatres, restaurants, spa and many more are the services provided by the Lastminute phone number without any delays or compromises even if the Lastminute phone number is given only a few minutes to close their deals with what the customers are requesting for. There are also other supports they provide, such as flights, car rentals, credit card services, insurance and travel advices. The Lastminute Customer Service will assure every customer that they can give you the best and a quality service that you can find only with the Lastminute.

Contacting the Customer Service
As a customer of the Lastminute phone number, it is advised that you must go and visit the official website of the Lastminute at because on their website, you can already find a list of possible trips or locations for your last minute need. The website of the Lastminute also provides a Frequently Asked Questions page, where you can find the necessary information that you need about the Lastminute booking. If you would like to call the Lastminute phone number to book you, then dial 0800 083 4000 from landline, you may also dial 0330 100 9126 from mobile and +44 1483 909 006 if you are calling from abroad.

Recommendations to Lastminute Customers
The work of the Customer Service of the Lastminute phone number is not an easy job because customers are putting them in a rush, tension and a headache, but the Customer Service is skilled enough because they can do their work professionally, so if you will hear the Lastminute it means that you will be given a very quick response. Now, if you have enough time to check on the website of the Lastminute, then it will be best for you to also learn about them by reading their FAQ page and then later you can say that Lastminute is really for a last minute plan.

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