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Ketnet Opening Times




What about Ketnet?
If you have kids at home and you want them to stay watching TV programs for kids, then one of the best public children’s TV channels that you might want your kids to watch is the Ketnet that is available in Flanders, Belgium and also distributed in Luxembourg and Netherlands for broadcasting. The Ketnet phone number is owned and run by the VRT, which is the Flanders’ public broadcaster. On December 1, 1997, the Ketnet was launched on BRT 2 and on May 1, 2012 on OP12. An online radio station consisting of a looped 3 hour programme called the KetnetRadio was launched in November 17, 2007.

What to expect at Ketnet?
With the aim of attracting 12-year-old kids, the animated TV programs that are locally produced and imported productions are viewed at publicly Ketnet from 6am to 8pm. Among the popular programs brought to kids by Ketnet phone number are the Amika, Christmas Day, The Treehouse, Karrewiet, Kulderzipken, Mega Mindy, Samson and Gert, Spring and W817. Some of the presenters or wrappers popular in Ketnet phone number are Kate Ketnet and NT Ketnet. Films and magazines are also offered in the interest of the kids. The Ketnet phone number also allows you to play games, draw, learn and sing through their website.

Getting connected with the Ketnet
One of the best places online for your kids is the official website of the Ketnet at because here your kids will not only watch and listen, but they are learning, watching, listening and having fun. You are also sure that your kids are safe with the pages, audios or movies they have online. If you have comments, suggestions and questions to the Ketnet phone number, then feel free to post them a message at Ketnet, Room 4B1, 1043 Brussels. You might want to make a call at the Ketnet phone number at 02/741 31 11 or send a fax at 02/735 83 82.

Tips to Ketnet fanatics
You might want to know many things about the TV programs broadcasted under the Ketnet phone number, especially if they have competitions and your kids would like to participate, then you just have to send them a message or make a call, but be sure that you have signed up an account online and check their pages for the updates and announcements about the contests. Your kids might also want to pay the Ketnet a short tour of the station, so you have to make a call for a schedule. If you have other queries, make sure that you have checked the FAQ page before making a phone call.

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