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What about Kapaza?
When it comes to online advertisements, The Kapaza, founded in 2003, is the benchmark in Belgium and it is a product of Schibsted Classified Media, which is a group of media operating in more than 20 countries. The Kapaza is a classified advertisement site, where you can post things you would like to sell and it is also a website where you can shop everything. The simplicity of posting your advertisements on the Kapaza is easy because you just have to select your province and the category where you would like your ads to be posted, but of course it will be confirmed first by the Kapaza phone number before viewers can find it on the website.

Products and Services
Everyone is encouraged to sell or buy new or second hand items by cash or bank on the Kapaza phone number where posting an advertisement is free, which means that you do not need to pay anything just to post the products that you would like to sell, so it is also from the Kapaza phone number where you can get buyers and where you can be a shopper. Once you already have an account on the Kapaza, you can start posting and shopping, manage your account details and view advertisements. For the products that you would like to sell, you have to be specific to the province or the country where you are going to post.

Contacting the Kapaza
It is through the official website of the Kapaza phone number where the posting of advertisements and viewing products are available, so you may visit the website of the Kapaza at the most convenient time for you at For technical problems or other issues concerning the ads or sellers, you have to file a ticket and send your e-mail at the Helpdesk page provided by the Kapaza, which is found on their official website. You may also call the Kapaza phone number at +32(0) 476 79 1228 or send a fax at +32(0) 2725 5693, but you have to know that the Helpdesk is not available on weekends and holidays.

Tips to Buyers
Paying items are needed to be considered carefully because scammers and swindlers are everywhere, so if you would like to be secured when it comes to your payments, you have to make sure that you had a clear arrangement with the dealer and it is even advised to pay for cash meeting the dealer in a safe place, especially if your locations are not that far. It was also advised by the Kapaza phone number that paying by bank is sometimes risky, so you have to be smart and think twice about bank transactions. As a buyer, if you doubt about the seller, you may report it to the Helpdesk of the Kapaza.

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  1. erico

    Hello kapaza staff,
    I have been faced a problem about how to find address of seller on your website ( while i was trying to buy one of the items posted on tour website,so please I need your advice…

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