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History of Google

In 1995, the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin met at Stanford Univeristy and they founded the Google in 1998 when Andy Bechtolsheim, the Sun co-founder, wrote a $100000 check for the entity. The founders got the idea of the name Google from the word called, googol. It was on September 4, 2998, when the Google Inc. was born. At first, the Google phone number was intended to let people know that Goggle’s attendants were offline and now more than 2,000 different scribbles were posted worldwide. The Executive Chairman of the Google, who is now serving for ten years is Eric Schmidt.


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Products and Services Offered

The main goal of the Google phone number is to make searching smarter and faster by providing a wide variety of tools or products for the Web that includes Web Search, Toolbar, Google Chrome and Bookmarks. You may download Google products on your Mobile phone, Search and Maps. In the business field, AdWords, Google My Business, AdMob, Google Apps for Work and AdSense are offered. In Media, YouTube, Books, News, Picasa, Image and Video Search are available. In Geo, you can use the Maps, Panoramio and Earth. Specialized Search, such as Custom Search, Trends and Scholar are available. Other products are used for Home, Social and Innovation purposes.

Contacting Google

Everybody knows Google, so if you would like to check out good and smart search engines online, then you have to stay on and visit the official website of the Google phone number at You may post your queries to the Google phone number address at Google Belgium N.V., Chaussee d’Etterbeek 176-180, Etterbeeksesteenweg 176-180, 1040 Brussels, Belgium. Calling the Google Customer Service is always needed and you may dial the Google phone number in Belgium at 0800-581-29 in Dutch and French languages from 9am to 6pm and for the worldwide service, you may call 1-646-257-4500. Which is available 24/7.


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Tips to Google Visitors

If you would like to get some help or find out information about the Google phone number, then the Help Forums provided by Google will surely fit your needs. You may also read the policies and principles of the Google phone number, which will help you understand about the tools and products they have for you. It is also good that the Google has a Customer Service who can always answer your questions and it is not only in Belgium, but worldwide. Many people are aware about the Google, but for those who are not used to Google, you better start using it for a better web service.

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  1. Khalid

    I have forgot my email password for my account. Please tell me what to do?

  2. Olivia

    When you delete your mails in the trash, a message appears saying “no need to delete because you have a large space for emails”. I was chocked by this message because deleting mails is necessary for environmental reasons (no energy needed to “save” the mail even in the trash). So I wanted to write you to suggest to change this message, to encourage users of gmail to delete the mails they don’t need anymore for environmental purpose.

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