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About the Fluxys
A public company based in Brussels, Belgium is having more than 850 people employed and working in the company, was founded in 2001 from the breakup of the Distrigas and now acting as an independent operator in Belgium for natural gas transmission system and storage infrastructure comprising of about 3,700 km of pipelines and a terminal in Zeebrugge, Belgium. Fluxys phone number is the umbrella company of the Fluxys group, which embraces the listed company Fluxys Belgium. The Board of Directors of the Fluxys appointed Pascal De Buck to succeed Walter Peeraer as the Head of the Fluxys during their session last December of 2015.

Services of the Fluxys
The main core activities of the Fluxys are categorized into three, one is transmission, where the Fluxys sells its capacity to their customers through the pipeline infrastructures and that is with the help of the Fluxys Customer Service, then natural gas will be transferred to numerous system operators, industrial consumers and power stations in Belgium, it also transfers the natural gas to the border points and to the global transmission in Europe; another one is storage where services offered by Fluxys phone number enables customers to take the help of the buffer capacity in guaranteeing its uninterrupted delivery of the natural gas to its end-users or gas dealing places; and the last is the LNG terminalling in Zeebrugge and Dunkirk.

Contacting the Customer Service
To find out more about the services offered by the Fluxys phone number, all you have to do is to check and visit their official website that you can find at the You may also mail your posts to the registered office address of the Fluxys at Fluxys SA, Avenue des Arts 31, B-1040 Brussels. If you would like to make a call and talk to the Fluxys Customer Service Representative, you may dial the Fluxys phone number +32 2 282 72 11 and if you wish to send a fax, you may dial +32 2 230 02 39.

Tips to Fluxys Customers
Customers are very important because they are the reason why a certain business or company is existing. What’s good with the Fluxys phone number is that, they have a Customer page provided on their website, where a customer can find all the email addresses or the people to contact for each particular service that they need from the Fluxys and with such great service from the Fluxys phone number, customers will surely receive the most accurate and fast assistance that they are looking for in any industry. Another good thing is that, you may call the customer service anytime in a day and 7 days a week.

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