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What about the EDF?
The EDF as one of the world’s prominent electric utilities operating in Belgium through different companies such as the EDF Belgium, EDF Luminus, EDF Energies Nouvelles, Verdesis and the Dalkia. It is standing behind the values such as respect for the individual, an inexorable quest for quality, environmental stewardship, sustenance for the community and truthfulness towards the stakeholders. There are 158,161 people are employed around the world, spending € 650 million on R & D-driven innovation just to prove their commitment to deliver cutting-edge energy solutions. With more than 60 years of experience in the industry, the EDF phone number provides the best in European countries.

Services to Customers
Making the world the best and a better place to live by giving everyone an access to electricity, by thinking about the world and acting locally, by helping to combat climate change and by keeping the earth’s valuable biodiversity is what the EDF phone number can offer their customers around the world. The EDF is dedicated to serving their customers by giving the most dependable, energy-efficient power supply, guaranteeing the maximum energy safety and outstanding at the forefront of the energy technology leading the way towards a carbon-free society. The EDF phone number performs numerous activities such as power production, supply, renewable energies and commercial services.

Contacting the EDF
The best and most effective way of reaching out the EDF phone number is through their official website at where you can find huge amount of information regarding the EDF Group, EDF in Belgium, about their activities, press releases and careers, but for those who have questions, the EDF provided a page in the Contact for the customers to fill out and send. A Help page is also provided on their website for you to have a full understanding about accessing and using the page. For those who really needs to make a call and talk to the Customer Service of the EDF, you may dial the EDF phone number 0800 111 999.

Tips to EDF Customers
Calling the EDF phone number is not always necessary because the EDF phone number already has a page provided for customers online. It is through the Contact Page where you can write down your concerns in a more detailed and explained way, but if it is really needed to make an urgent call to talk to the EDF Customer Service, then you must find time to call the staff. It is also good that the EDF website has a Help Page for everyone to know how to navigate on the site, that is beneficial to those who are new to the website.

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