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eBay Opening Times


10:00AM - 07:00PM



About the eBay
On September 3, 1995, the eBay was founded in Hamilton Avenue in San Jose, California, United States by Pierre Omidyar under the Internet Industry. Jeff Skoll, the cofounder of Pierre conveyed in Meg Whitman to ensure the success of the eBay phone number in 1998 by creating a management team of experienced businessmen to have a strong vision for the eBay company. The Chairman of the eBay is Thomas J. Tierney and the CEO of the eBay is Devin Wenig. It is now operating in around 30 countries around the world as an e-commerce multinational company as an online auction and a website for people shopping online.

Tools and Services of eBay
Buying and selling things online is what eBay phone number does with an excellent Customer Service. The eBay phone number offers supplies of Markdown manager, email marketing enhancements, free shipping, eBay MapIt, the My World, the Skype Buttons, the eBay Pop and the eBay deal finder services. Different items are purchased in the eBay phone number, such as electronic accessories or devices, baby products, beauty products, toys, clothes, industrial products, musical instruments and others. With the eBay, customers can buy or sell new or second hand items and can also choose between auction or classified items at an affordable price.

Contacting the eBay
For a customer to buy or sell products via the eBay phone number, you must check out the official website of the eBay at because it is through the website of the eBay, where you can find a very wide range of available items on their list under its category. It is also a must for you to register and log into your account, especially if you are buying or selling items. You may also send your questions through email, which you can find on the website. If it is a need to connect to the eBay Customer Service, then you must call the eBay phone number at 078 16 00 00.

Tips to Customers
Business online takes t, especially if you are selling an item because you need to always check out if your item was sold and if you bought a product, then you need to wait for its delivery, but when it comes to your questions regarding the items that are available on the eBay phone number, then you must ask for the help of the Customer Service representatives for an assistance. The eBay chat is also available for customers, but when it comes to the e-mails sent, you just need some time to wait for a response, which is usually 24 to 48 hours.

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