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What about the Delhaize?

A new revolution in the distribution of food was born and it was witnessed through the Delhaize by introducing various grocery shops, wines, colonial goods and a formed central warehouse. In 1867, the Delhaize Group was established by Jules Delhaize in Belgium. The Delhaize phone number started in 1883 and as of 2009, the Delhaize has around 790 stores, 17,000 people employed under Delhaize and with a total network of 2732 stores. A total of 4.6 billion Euros turnover was generated by their various formulas stores such as the AD Delhaize, supermarket Delhaize, the Tom & Co., and the Red Market.

Store Products and Services

Various services are provided by the Delhaize phone number such as the lotto and post point having lots of products available found in stores at various locations, the mobile more that helps when it comes to calling and sending SMS at lower rates, self-scanning that helps you save ample time by just scanning the products, wine tips are given specially when it comes to the quality of the wine and other services that has something to do with the payment methods, selling tickets and special carts. Of course, a good and fast response from the Customer Service of the Delhaize phone number is highly expected.

Contacting the Customer Service

The Customer Service of the Delhaize phone number comes in different sections such as the Customer, Journalists, Media and Suppliers. Each section has different concerns and issues to tackle, so different people are assigned to assist in each section. If you would like to call the Delhaize phone number, you may dial 0800-95173, for international calls, you may dial +32 800- or +32 2.412.21.11. Another way of connecting with the Delhaize phone number is through their official website at and for those who would like to send an email to Delhaize, you may send your issues and concerns at [email protected]

Tips to Customers

One good thing about the Customer Service of the Delhaize phone number is that they have people assigned in different areas of the customers’ issues, making the Customer Service representative discuss with the customers the topics in a more detailed way that will make the customer have more understanding about their issues and that is because the Customer Service have focus. Customers may also send their comments or suggestions through the official website, where a form is ready for customers to fill out and send, this is a good way of letting the Delhaize know what the customers have to say.

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