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Decathlon Opening Times


08:00AM - 08:00PM


08:00AM - 08:00PM



Decathlon International History
1976 marked the opening of the first store of the decathlon near Lille with the concept of offering a wide range of sports equipment to customers in a self-service and at low prices, then in 1986, decathlon opened their store in Germany, 1992 in Spain, 1999 in Chatelineau, Belgium, 2002 in Roeselare and Liege, 2003 in China, 2005 in Schelle and Kortrijk, 2006 in Anderlecht and Moscow, 2008 in Bruges, 2009 in Bergen, 2010 in La Louviere, Turkey and Czech Republic, 2011 in Wavre, Olen and Namur, 2012 in Maasmechelen, 2013 in Verviers and in 2014 in Ghent. Around 2,000 people are employed and working in decathlon phone number.

Services offered by the decathlon
With the main desire of decathlon phone number to ensure the customers’ satisfaction, that aim was considered as the principal wealth of the decathlon phone number, providing a wide variety of services such as Team Decathlon, where a customer can keep all the reward points after buying the equipment, Sporeka as a gift card on all valid services and goods that are bought online or customizing the gift card, Atelier that helps customers to manage their sport equipment, Kipsta Club where customers can customize their equipment in a single click and the Trocathlon that allows customers to publish, sell and buy sport equipment.

Contacting the decathlon
One of the most convenient ways of reaching out the decathlon phone number is by visiting their official website at the, where you can find a wide variety of sports equipment suitable to your needs and demands, from the website alone, you can check the best-selling items, where you can contact the online purchasing service, manage your personal accounts and your basket. You may also send your questions through their email at the [email protected] If you wish to connect to the Customer Service Representatives of the decathlon, you may call the decathlon phone number +32 (02) 208 26 60.

Tips to decathlon customers
Calling the customer service representative of the decathlon phone number is fine, but you have to check your time because the line of the decathlon phone number is open from Monday to Friday at 9am to 5pm and on Saturday at 9am to 7pm. If you have decathlon stores near your location, then it is best to direct your issues for the fastest assistance and remedy. It is also important for you as a customer to register your personal account on their official website so that you can manage and customize your account well. Picking up your items at the store is easy, but you should not forget to bring your identification card when you are claiming the item.

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    You can do this when you create your account or at a later stage by indicating My Decathlon Card Number in My account.


    You can do this when you create your account or at a later stage by indicating My Decathlon Card Number in My account.

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