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Colruyt Opening Times


08:00AM - 05:00PM



About the Colruyt
In 1925, the Colruyt started as a small company in Belgium and now has grown to a big company having 16,000 people employed in different sectors of the Colruyt phone number. A significant change in the Colruyt happened with the inception of the supermarkets in Belgium in 1964 because a new market force entered the scene, the Colruyt then was forced to make some testings’ and came up with a new and modern approach in the market, which made them continue to rise and expand the business to several locations and that brought the Colruyt to be on the top.

Services Offered
A different and modern approach in the supermarket, self-service, cash and carry, the super bonus, extra cards, gifts for couples and photo services are offered by the Colruyt phone number. With the different stores in various locations, the Colruyt phone number offers the best prices with the best quality of the frozen and fresh products, cold chain and organic products. Customer Services is also provided at the best that they can do to serve and assist the needs of their customers. Cooking videos, recipes and menus with its nutrition facts, are also provided for the convenience and wellness of their customers.

Reaching out to the Customer Service
Learning to use and browse the official website of the Colruyt phone number at is very important and it is necessary because it is through the page where you are going to register an account for an easier response from the Customer Service whenever you needed their assistance. Sending the Colruyt an email is also possible at [email protected] If you would like to make a call for a very important or serious matter regarding the products or the Colruyt, you may dial the Colruyt phone number 02 360 10 40. You may also post your mails at Colruyt, Customer, Edingensesteenweg 196, 1500 Halle.

Tips to Customers
As a customer, you should not forget your e-mail address and it must be registered through the Colruyt phone number because the email will be collected and used for verification purposes, especially when you are going to avail discounts, special deals, receive initiatives or limited offers. If you are planning to make a call to the Customer Service about your issues and concerns, then you have to know that the Colruyt Customer Service is open from Monday to Friday at 8am to 5pm. A map is also provided on the Contact Page of the website for you to locate them easily.

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