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Canal+ Background
There are about 9.5million subscribers of Canal+ in France and a total of 15.3million Canal+ Group subscribers in the world, which made a total revenue of 5,456million Euros. The Canal+ has a total of 7,033 employees under the governance of the Supervisory Board headed by the Chairman, in the name of Vincent Bollore together with the Management Board’s Chairman Jean-Christophe Thiery and the CEO of Canal+ Group, Maxime Saada. Being a leader in providing exceptional content and themed networks, the Canal+ phone number had been very successful in pushing and distributing pay-TV offerings for millions of customers trusting the quality of their services.

Canal+ Brings you the best on your screen
The Canal+ phone number brings you the best TV experience with the new Canal+ as a leading provider of premium multi-channels and themed networks where they offer Pay-TV distribution in France, Canal+ Overseas covering broadcasting overseas, StudioCanal films and TV series in Europe, Canal+ Regie’s free-to-air television. Exclusive promotions, Sponsoring Canal+ and Canalsat subscriptions, deals or offers and choosing programs for your demands are also some of the additional services and privileges offered by the Canal+ phone number that you will surely enjoy. Providing an online help for technical assistance and to understand the subscriptions are also part of the customer’s welfares.

Contacting the Canal+ Customer Care
For general reviews and demands for documentation, you have to contact the Canal+ phone number Switchboard at 0171353535. You may also post your mails at Canal+ 1, place du Spectacle, 92863 Issy-Les-Moulineaux Cedex 9. The customer relations also have a page online and you can find them at Checking out the official website of the Canal+ phone number is also the best means of getting updated by simply where you can find all the things you need, especially when it comes to the videos or movie schedules and programs. It is also through their website where you can locate the Quick Access Page for your Account at Canal+.

Suggestions to Canal+ Subscribers
If you are a new or a current subscriber, you have to make sure that you have signed up for your account at Canal+ phone number because it is through the website where you can easily have access to your equipment and services, so after a successful registration, you must keep your password because it is important and needs to be secured. It is also in the Frequently Asked Questions page where you can find answers to your questions, so if you have the time to browse the website, then better do it first before calling the Canal+ phone number.

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