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About the CAF
The CAF is an organization and a network formed by the CNAF or the National Fund for Family Allowances. The Family Allowances or the Family is the best-known paying benefits for families covering 30.6 million people, which is more than 50% of the population in France, with more than 11 million beneficiaries, funding 79 billion euros of benefits and offering aid to families in the form of income supplements, equipment, monitoring and advices. This is what the CAF phone number has been doing for more than 60 years now and they are going to continue such service for the welfare and benefit of the people trusting them.

Tasks and Services Offered
There are two main tasks that the CAF phone number would like to push through, one is to help the families in their daily lives and the other one is to develop the solidarity in the most vulnerable way. The main actions of the CAF are to provide the families a help in the forms of extra income, tools and a supervised and assisted family. The general social security schemes, which is composed of the Family, Sickness, Old Age and Recovery are the major focus of the CAF phone number. As part of the mission of the CAF, they provide help to early childhood, children and youth, help in favor of solidarity and inclusion and help for housing and living environment.

Contacting the CAF
When it comes to a more detailed and a well versed information regarding the services offered by the CAF phone number, you may visit the official website of the CAF anytime you wish at It is also through the official website of the CAF, where you can have your identification or where you can manage your accounts, a Help page provided for you to understand the aide and services that you will receive and it is from the website where you can download a copy of your benefit guides. For those who would like to make a call, you may call the CAF phone number at 0810 25 84 10.

Tips to Customers
Assistance or benefits are given to those who were able to comply with the CAF requirements and knowing that there are many people who had been receiving services from the CAF phone number, it only shows that the Customer Service is trying their best in performing their tasks, now for you to learn more about the CAF, especially managing your accounts, it is best to visit their official website, FAQ or the Help Page and if still you have questions regarding your accounts or their services offered, then feel free to call the Customer Service at the most convenient time for you.

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