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Belgacom Opening Times


08:00AM - 10:00PM


08:00AM - 10:00PM


08:00AM - 10:00PM

Brief presentation about the Belgacom
The Proximus Group brings its best in international and a world class solution both for voice service providers and mobile data service providers and has placed its trust on the BICS, where Daniel Kurgan is the CEO. As a pioneer in the technology, the Belgacom has extended its network and enabled more than 800 communication service providers. Voice carriers like the Belgacom phone number placed the top three among the others in the world because of the services provided to customers. Connecting the world as the Belgacom aims, it will continue to grow in different countries and enable their value.

Solutions provided by the Belgacom
Giving solutions from the Belgacom phone number for mobile and fixed operators, service providers, MVNOs & new licensed MNO and wholesale carriers are offered. The solutions that the Belgacom phone number provides to customers are: to enable mobility and increase reach, boost and optimize roaming and networking, fight and protect against fraud, monitor quality and customer experience, enable Next Generation communications and bridge mobile financial services. An advanced online tool named MyBICS for users to help them have a clear view of the products and services, news and promotions and to manage their contacts is provided by the Belgacom phone number.

Contacting the Teams of the Belgacom
Customer Care teams are ready to connect to customers at the Belgacom phone number +32 2 547 51 51 with the help desk available 24/7 to handle complaints, to monitor online network, to report quality, to manage routing and traffic quality. You may also send them an e-mail at [email protected] Visiting the headquarters for a complicated issue is also possible at Rue Lebeau 4, 1000 Brussels, Belgium or you may call the Belgacom phone number at 32 2 547 52 10 or send a fax at 32 2 547 52 12. Browsing the official website at is also a good way of finding information.

Tips and Calling the Belgacom
Queries are always waiting for answers and solutions, especially if it is an urgent call. The Belgacom phone number will reach out to your worries as soon as you are connected to them. After reading the information and details online through their website, you will have a better understanding on the solutions provided on the pages, but if you need an immediate action and can’t wait for the response through email, then that will be a good chance for you to make a call and talk about your complaint or problem. Make sure that you are going to dial the right number and discuss in full details for a fast resolution.

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