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Antwerp Water Works Opening Times


08:00AM - 12:00PM & 01:00PM - 04:00PM



About the AWW (Antwerp Water Works)
AWW (Antwerp Water Works) has grown from a simple water supplier to one of the largest industrial water producers in the United Kingdom and later was renamed as the water link. The AWW (Antwerp Water Works) is a Dutch company based in Belgium, Antwerp and neighboring cities, producing 150 million cubic meters and generated a revenue of 100 million Euros. When it comes to drinking facilities, the AWW phone number have around 15,000 customers. A process-driven method was adopted for the development of their products and services and now have the best IT support that is vital in attaining their transformational change.

Services Offered by the AWW (Antwerp Water Works)
Drinking water facilities are the main responsibility of the AWW (Antwerp Water Works) and that is what they are going to continue. Services on how you are going to regulate your accounts, water consumption, building and remodeling, industry and shipping are provided by the AWW phone number. When it comes to meter reading, customer data, billing, payments, moving and customers, quality and connections, the AWW phone number provides such topics that is available on the Contact Page of their website. For the best Customer Service, a variety of applications are used to manage their services well.

Contacting the Customer Service
For the Administrative and Technical Questions, customers may call the AWW phone number 078/35.35.09, which is available from Monday to Friday at 8am-12pm and 1pm-4pm. You may also come and visit the office at Mechelsesteenweg 66 2018 Antwerp, which is open Monday to Thursday at 8am-12pm and 1pm-4pm and on a Friday the office is open from 8am to 12pm only. An urgent technical interventions might also happen and in such cases the AWW phone number 03/244.05.44 is reachable 24/7. A complaint form is also available on the official website of the AWW (Antwerp Water Works).

Tips to Customers
It is very important for every customer to know and learn how to use the official website of the AWW phone number because when it comes to the Administrative and Technical Questions, all the forms are available online and the AWW (Antwerp Water Works) have people to answer each or particular issue or request, so you have to make sure that you have filled-up the right form and send for a quick response. If you are going to call the AWW (Antwerp Water Works) Customer Service, you have to check your time and know when they are open or closed.

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