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AVIS Opening Times


09:00AM - 12:00PM & 02:00PM - 05:00PM





Where the journey of AVIS began?
Warren Avis opened the world’s first airport car for hire, called the Avis Airlines Rent a Car Systems, in 1946 at Willow Run Airport in Detroit having a total of three cars and began expanding internationally in 1953 in Europe, Canada and Mexico and in 2003, AVIS Europe were founded in 1965 having Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In 1989, the AVIS Europe returns to private ownership by some shareholders. The Avis Belgium is also a member of Renta, which is the Belgian Federation of Vehicle Rental Companies. Today, the AVIS phone number has more than 5,000 locations worldwide in 156 countries.

Car for Hire Offers
The AVIS phone number compromise to their customers having a variety of offers, such as for the offers in Belgium, customers can go unlimited mileage with the AVIS phone number, for the family, travel with GPS or WI-Fi, & days for 5 in Belgium promotion, early booking to enjoy discounts on booking online, receiving premium value exclusively for expats and enjoy other benefits; with European Car for Hire, you can save discounts, 7 days for 5 across Europe, discover Turkey, discounts in Malta and Gozo and handy extras for your trip; renting a can worldwide having discounts in the United States.

Contact AVIS
There are several ways of reaching out the AVIS phone number and one of the most efficient ways of connecting to them is by visiting the official website of the AVIS phone number at or send an e-mail at [email protected] It is also through the page provided on the website of the AVIS where you can send your general enquiries. For reservations, you may call the AVIS Customer service at 070223001, for the Sales Department for companies, dial 027306333 and for Travel Industry, you may connect to 027306207. While on your trip, call 032536241 and after the trip, call 027306211.

Tips to Customers
Customers must not be worried when calling the AVIS phone number lines because they have particular connecting phone numbers for each query that a customer need for their assistance, especially for those who are on the journey where they have a 24-hour breakdown support and after the trips, the customer services are open from Monday to Friday at 9am to 12am and 2pm to 5pm. It is also very helpful to have a Contact Us page from the website of the AVIS because you can select the enquiry that you wanted to submit for a quick processing of your request.

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