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About the Airbnb
In August 2008, the Airbnb was founded and based in San Francisco, California, now connecting more than 60,000,000 guests and travelers in more than 1,400 castles, and over 34,000 cities and in 190 countries, having a total of 2,000,000+ listings worldwide under the Airbnb’s management of the Board of Directors and the Executive Staff, the CPO and Co-Founder, named Joe Gebbia, who crafts the culture of the Airbnb; the CEO and Co-Founder, named Brian Chesky, who carries the vision and strategies as the company grows; the CTO and Co-Founder named, Nathan Blecharczyk, who manages the technical strategies of the Airbnb phone number.

Services Offered
Offers an online booking and reservations for accommodations in all parts of the world. The Airbnb phone number will connect you to the place of your destination. In Belgium, you may stay in the Apartments, Houses, Bed and Breakfasts, Lofts and Villas and places to stay are in Brussels, Antwerpen, Gent and Koksijde. Customers of the Airbnb phone number may choose their room types, such as the Entire Home where you will have the whole place to yourself, a Private Room where you will have your own room and share some common space or a Shared Room where you share your room or your room may be a common space.

Contacting Airbnb
As a host or as a traveler, it is very important for you to check out the listings of your desired accommodation found on the official website of the Airbnb phone number because here you can have an idea on what a particular place looks like before you start booking it online and it is through their website, where you can find information about the services of the company. For the hosts, you may send them an email at [email protected] The Airbnb Customer Service may also be reached out through the Airbnb phone number at 855-424-7262 for your urgent questions, complaints or cancellation of your bookings.

Tips to Customers
It is necessary for you to sign-up or register on the official website of the Airbnb phone number, so that you can have a better access of your booking or reservations, especially if you are going to pay for your accommodation or if you have queries about rebooking or cancellation. It will be best for you to be a registered member of the Airbnb, so that the Airbnb can connect with you and will have the essential information about you as their customer. There will be no problem about reservations with the Airbnb phone number because the customers are provided services 24/7.

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  1. Quentin Taymans


    I have a problem to recover my account.
    I created it few years ago while I was I Dublin. I had a Dublin phone number.
    Now that I am living in Belgium, I do not have my Dublin phone number anymore but my account is liked to this phone number.

    Could you please help me to recover my account?

    Many thanks in advance,


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