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History of the AG Real Estate
Looking back at how AG (AG Real Estate) phone number was born, in 1824, the AG Insurance, formerly called the Assurances Generales, was created and continued its investments in real estate. The AG and Amev/VSB joined under the Fortis and then changed its name to Fortis AG in 1990. After 10 years, it was dubbed to Fortis Real Estate and in 2002, to expand its holdings they acquired the Bernheim-Comofi group which merged with the Fortis Real Estate in 2003. The Groupe Mestdagh and the Fortis Real Estate joined and created Ascencio in May 2006. Fortis Banque Assurances and Fortis AG merged in July 2006 to form Fortis Insurance Belgium, which is the mother company of Fortis Real Estate and was changed to AG Insurance in 2009 and in 2010, the Fortis Real Estate became an AG Real Estate.

Services that AG continues to offer
The AG (AG Real Estate) phone number would like to continue or grow in the Belgian insurance market for office, retail, warehouse, residential and public car park by offering Investments offered to private investors, public institutions or commercial operators; Developing projects at the best strategic locations, setting up as a partner with investors and real estate developers; Financing the real estate and infrastructure projects; and the Public-Private Partnership or the PPP where the AG (AG Real Estate) phone number believes in by acting as an investor contributing to the equity of the PPP, long-term financier and a delegated principal of the actual implementation of the programs or projects .

Contacting the AG (AG Real Estate)
If you would like to know about a more detailed information about the services that the AG (AG Real Estate), then you have to visit their official website at or you may also write them an email and send it to [email protected] Finding the location of the AG (AG Real Estate) phone number is easy because you can even locate them through Google Maps and their office address is at Avenue des Arts 58, 1000 Brussels. Calling the AG (AG Real Estate) phone number at a convenient time for you at +32(0)2 609 68 00 or sending them a fax at +32(0)2 609 68 10 is also possible.

Tips and Recommendations to Customers
Trusting a company, especially one that has something to do with the financial issue, is a serious matter in private and business establishments. With the AG (AG Real Estate) phone number, you can find a partner to believe. All you have to do is to visit their official website and read the pages that interests you and talk to their staff if you are willing to discuss the services that the AG (AG Real Estate) can offer you. It is also through their official website where a page is provided for you to send your queries and concerns regarding the AG (AG Real Estate).

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