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What about the 2ememain?
In 1999, the 2ememain was founded in Belgium as one of the first classified sites having 42 sections became popular and visitors still continue to rise and increase having almost 700,000 people visiting the 2ememain site every day with an average of 60,000 new advertisements added daily from clothing to collectibles. Since July 2013, the 2ememain phone number had been a part of the eBay and is headquartered in Amsterdam. In recent years, the 2ememain site was not only visited through computers, but also through smart mobile phones, so the appearance was adjusted not only for computer screens but also for the phones.

Services of the 2ememain
The main priority of the 2ememain phone number is to provide the best and good service to customers, either to individual, small or large companies. The 2ememain site was created for the ease of use and for the accessibility of everyone. What the 2ememain phone number provides to customers, is to buy and sell new items along with second hand items from different categories, having a search engine as an easy way of finding the items that you are looking for. Second hand cars to be bought or sold have a different section. You may also Place an ad for items on sale to be featured.

Contacting the 2ememain
Being an e-commerce site, it is of course obvious that everyone must visit and browse the official website of the 2ememain phone number because it is through the website, where you can get to know the wide selection and categories of the items available at the 2ememain and so, you may go to, it is also via their website where you need to login or register your personal accounts, especially if you are selling or buying an item online. Through the site, you may write your issues and a link is provided on their contact page. For those who needs to make a call, you may dial the 2ememain phone number 04-73698230.

Tips to Customers
Buying and selling things online is now a trend and 2ememain phone number is one of the trusted sites, so if you would like to sell or buy new or second hand items, you have to know about the 2ememain policies, terms and conditions. A help page is also provided for customers to learn how is it like to be with the 2ememain. If you need help or if you have questions regarding the sales, buying and making offers, login and registrations and reporting abuse or securing trades, then make sure to read those topics on the page provided for your information.

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