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What’s with 2dehands?
In 1997, 2dehands was created by a couple of young guys who thought it would be nice to create a site where they can sell their second hands computer parts and where others can buy things they do not need again. 2dehands phone number is the best advertising solution through online, that is based in Belgium, because 2dehands is a perfect website that helps advertisers to connect to their customers. As of October 2014, the Internal DWH has shown that there are 500,000 mobile application downloads, subscribed with the 2dehands’ 2,000,000 newsletter subscriptions, having more than 220,000 Facebook fans and followers and with 190,000 active mobile application loyal visitors.

Services Offered by the 2dehands
A wide range of advertising possibilities is offered by the 2dehands phone number, in order for the advertisers to reach their target viewers. With the advertisements are some text links, partner mailings and announcements in the 2dehands’ newsletter is also possible. The 2dehands phone number aims for an answer and that is a method to touch specific audiences at a very reasonable price. Advertising within specific fields of interests or group just to reach the potential customers. Assistance is also given by the 2dehands Customer Service to their customers and advertisers regarding their concerns such as selling, buying items, login and registration and safety.

Contacting the 2dehands Customer Service
The Customer Service Representatives are always extending help and assistance to the customers and advertisers, and to those who needs to call the 2dehands Customer Service, you may dial the 2dehands phone number +44703846541. Customers and advertisers may also send an email to the customer service by simply filling up the form that can be found on the official website of the 2dehands phone number at and of course, a Frequently Asked Questions page is also provided to the customers and advertisers for a wide range of categories and subjects of the topics that they would like to know.

Tips to Customers and Advertisers
For the advertisers, if you are looking for the best page to advertise your second hand items, it will be nice for you to read about the 2dehands phone number because it might be the perfect page for your stuff, so if you have ample time, you just need to check it out yourself by simply visiting their official website. You might even want to buy some items there that you find interesting, so just give it a try. The customers and advertiser are given assistance online and through the phone, so if questions are not found on the page provided, just call the Customer Service of the 2dehands.

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