SFR Mobile Phone Number

SFR Mobile Phone Number


History of the SFR Mobile
In 1987, the SFR Mobile phone number was established and until now it is still operating and continuing its services in telephony and fixed mobile Internet distributed on the market for customers, commerce and partakers. SFR was created by the Compagnie Generale des Eaux that was renamed to Vivendi and later created SFR-Cegetel, which was the first operator to launch a 3G mobile phone network and disappeared in 2005 and then Neuf Cegetel was born whose majority of the shareholder was the SFR. The Numericable Group and the SFR combined in 2014 giving rise to fixed mobile convergence in France.

SFR Mobile connection services
Finest geographic coverage with the mobile services is ensured with the SFR Mobile phone number due to the vast number of SFR Mobile subscribers in France. The SFR Mobile offers a joined network and mobile broadband to meet the desires of the public, trades, communities and operators with its capability for revolutionizing technology in communication and investments. As the network continues to expand, the SFR Mobile phone number would like subscribers to enjoy a variety of their packages in Europe and abroad. Different SFR fiber deals are also offered in the SFR Mobile phone number for a very high speed and broadband where more than 7million houses are already eligible.

Locating the SFR Mobile
Checking out the official website of the SFR Mobile at will help you find out about the services offered by the SFR Mobile phone number. You may find the Locate a store page from the website to find an SFR Mobile Shop or a Numericable near you. The SFR Shops or Numericable in France are found in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Little, Nantes, Bordeaux, nice, Strasbourg and Montpellier. For urgent and important calls, you may contact the SFR Mobile phone number at 00 33 6 10 00 10 23 if you are in France, but if you are abroad dial 0033 6 1000 1900.

Tips before making a call
If you are planning to switch to fiber optics at home, you may test the fiber in your town and you can do that from their website by simply entering your zip code and you will find out if you are eligible for fiber optics. Contacting the Customer Service online will require you to Log into the website to get replies to your sent requests, so you have to make sure that you have registered for your account. Reading the Forum page of the SFR Mobile will also help you with the huge amount of information from different subscribers or members of the group.

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