Sanef Phone Number

Sanef Phone Number

09 708 08 765

What about Sanef?
One of the motorway companied operating 2063 kilometers of motorways in France is the Sanef. The mission of the Sanef phone number to be a leader in the highway management worldwide will be possible by maintaining, manipulating, securing, valorizing and developing the business with the management of Lluis Deulofeu who is the Chief Executive Officer. The Sanef is a part of the Abertis Group, which is a leader when it comes to the field of highway management devoting 21,450 hours of training for safety. When it comes to the group’s network, there are more than 3518 employees, 72 Service Areas and 124 Rest Areas.

Services of the Sanef
When it comes to operator services on the motorway, the Sanef phone number is at your service. There are 28 service centers in the locality and that is available 24/7 to ensure the maintenance of the infrastructure for reliability and safety. A full variety of services from the Sanef phone number are intended to bring local authorities and businesses on the winter road, preservation of green areas, beaconing, maneuver and maintenance of the infrastructure, video surveillance as well as traffic controlling. Teams are deployed to the areas to operate the machines, collect the tolls and to ensure safety of the customers.

Contacting the Sanef Group
The Sanef phone number is always ready to answer questions regarding the visit to the tolls, toll subscription, advance trips, damaged cars, administrative matters, joining the group and any other questions in mind and you can connect to the Sanef group by calling the telephone number at 01 41 90 59 00. For a more serious issues and concerns, you may come and visit the Sanef Office at The Crossing, 30 Boulevard Gallieni, 92130 Issy les Moulineaux. Visiting the official website of the Sanef phone number at is also one of the best ways of connecting to the Sanef, especially if you would like to subscribe to their space.

Tips to Customers of the Sanef
If you have ample time to visit the official website of the Sanef phone number, you will learn many things about the group and its services, it is also through their website where you can get links or pages about Real-time traffic, you can also find locations where work or construction is in progress, weather, toll rates, map, route calculation and traffic forecast. You may also listen to the Sanef 107.7 radio from the site, this is good if you are connected online. Aside from calling the Sanef for assistance, a help page is also available for everybody to learn.

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