KPN Phone Number

KPN Phone Number

+31 70 446 6300

Facts about the KPN Background
The KPN is one of the leading companies when it comes to telecommunications and ICT service sources. The KPN phone number aims people to live in a society where everybody can make life easier through the advanced technology in communications. In 1989, KPN was officially named as Royal PPT Netherlands and went to public in 1994. The chairman and the CEO of the KPN is Eelco Blok, under his board, as of December 31st in the year 2015, there are about 14,855 full time employees working in the KPN phone number to provide services all over the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries through the EuroRings.

Products and Services Offered by the KPN
For the best facilities you want that a company can offer to you, the KPN phone number is an answer. Products like Mobile and Mobile Internet, Digitenne, TV and Fiber optic TV, Internet and Call are offered by the KPN phone number. The company has a range of services for your TV and Fiber optic subscriptions and installations. The KPN would like to deal with the best and the fastest way of connecting with your family and friends. All the services they would like to provide you is because they believe that the technology and the communication lines can make life easier and simpler wherever you are and whatever you do.

How to reach out the KPN
Wanting to know more about the KPN phone number means interest to satisfy your thoughts, you may simply visit, check out and explore their official website at and you will find more about what you want to know regarding the company and the services they can compromise for your reliability and what KPN phone number can do. For your ease and convenience of calling their line, you may reach the KPN phone number at 070 343 43 43. For future subscribers having more queries reserved, you may personally come and visit the KPN at Saturnusstraat 8 2516 AH Den Haag.

Advice before calling the KPN
If you are interested about the KPN phone number, it is best to think about first on what you would like to deal with the KPN. Know the product that you would like to order from the KPN and then simply dial the KPN phone number for inquiries and their availability to discuss the subscription that you would like to apply for. In such way, you can save time and just focus on your point of interest. So, before you are given the KPN phone number a call, make sure that you have already organized your thoughts and have checked them out.

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