Jetairfly Phone Number

Jetairfly Phone Number


Jetairfly Profile and History
In 2003 the Jetairfly phone number was founded and started its operations in 2004 having 5 aircraft and as of 2015 having 22 aircraft, being the second largest Belgian airline company having a network with 187 routes to and from 101 airports, the Jetairfly is then the fastest rising airline company in Belgium. The proposed fleets of the Jetairfly during summer is 120 flying routes in 85 destinations and 61 flying routes in 46 destinations during winter, all those flights and services were made possible in collaboration with the TradeDoubler, which is the affiliate network of the Jetairfly phone number.

Services that Jetairfly offers
Flights can be arranged with all extra services a customer wished by the Jetairfly phone number if they would like to charter their aircraft with a variety of aircraft types, such as Corporate incentives, business trips, day trips and visits or participations to sporting events or exhibitions. Other Services offered by the Jetairfly phone number include booking online, 15kg of baggage free of charge or a 20kg baggage for long distance flights, strollers and child safety seats transported, meals on board, picking of airports, optional services on flights leaving from Belgium, promotions, flight connections, hotel booking, online check-in, airport parking, travel insurance and gift vouchers.

Connecting to Jetairfly through a phone call
You can always contact the Jetairfly phone number through their official website at when you would like to modify your reservations, partial or full cancellation of your reservations, request to book for more than nine people and other questions are also entertained. The Hotline is always available from Monday to Friday at 9am to 7pm, on Saturdays at 9am to 10pm and on Sundays at 10am to 10pm, so simply call the Jetairfly phone number at +32 (0)70/22.00.00 for urgent calls regarding your issues and concerns. For further questions or information that you need to know, you may visit the FAQ page of their official website.

Tips or Recommendations to Jetairfly Passengers
If you are planning for a trip and wants to fly with the Jetairfly phone number, all you need to do is to first visit the official website of the Jetairfly because it is through the website where you will find out about the promotions of the airline and it is where you can book a flight online. It is also through the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, where you can find and follow the Jetairfly news updates. You may also subscribe to your email to receive promotions. What’s good with the Jetairfly is their accessibility 24/7, so if you can’t connect to their staff through phone, then send them a message through the form provided on the website.

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