ING Phone Number

ING Phone Number

02 464 60 04

Brief History of the ING
In June 30, 1975 Banque de Bruxelles and Banque Lambert were merged to formBanque Bruxelles Lambert (BBL). Since the beginning of 1998, Banque Bruxeles Lambert (BBL) has been a part of the ING Group. At the general meeting on April 17, 2003, the shareholders of the BBL have come up with the idea of changing the registered name of the BBL to the ING Belgium SA/NV, which is a complete subsidiary of the ING Group NV through the ING Bank NV. About 47 million customers in over 40 countries having 75,000 committed employees are served by the ING phone number under the CEO and the Chairman, named Ralph Hamers.

Products and Services of the ING
Being the Belgium’s first universal Direct Bank, the ING would like to serve its public and private customers, small or medium-sized establishments, institutions and large companies with a wide range of financial products through their own choice such as, mobile phones, internet, telephone or in a branch. Retail and private Banking, Corporate and Institutional Banking, Financial Markets, Investment Banking, Asset Management and a Life Insurance and a Non-Life Insurance are part of the products and services offered by the ING phone number. Self Banks, Home Banks and Phone Banks are the direct channels also offered by the ING phone number for customer’s use in business.

For general information regarding the INV phone number, you may call the office at +32 2547 2111 or send your fax at +32 2547 3844. You may also post your mail at Cours Saint-Michel 60, B-1040 Brussels. Another way of contacting the ING is asking a bank advice by phone at +32 2464 6004, which is a practical way of learning about bank arrangements. If you have more things to find out about the ING phone number, then, feel free to browse the official website of the ING at and if you would like to send a message through e-mail, you send it to [email protected]

Recommendations for future and current ING customers
If you are going to call the ING phone number to apply for a loan, you may browse first the page online so that you will have an idea about the options that you may have regarding loans. All calls are welcomed and customers are entertained, but if you are planning to receive an advice from the bank through a phone call, then make sure to know the availability of the liaison officers from Monday to Friday at 8am to 10pm and on Saturdays at 9am to 5pm. For your other questions, try checking out the FAQ page provided on the website because refined topics are posted.

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