FREE TV Phone Number

FREE TV Phone Number

61 2 8968 7100

How Free TV Started?
The advancement of Free is based on the ideal of an Internet Service Provider, backed by a telecommunications operator, which focused on innovation, ease and precise offers as well as the quality of the brand. Fixed telephone operators, such as the Free, One.Tel and Iliad Telecom are under the subsidiary of the Iliad Group, which played a major role in France when it comes to telecommunications industry. It was in January 2001 when the Free was developed with its own box called, the Freebox, which enabled the Free TV phone number to gain significant reasonable advantage having over 2,626,000 subscribers.

Products and Services of the Free TV
Different Internet broadband packages are being offered by the Free TV phone number. There are 200 channels that are broadcasted with the Free TV phone number. Different Themes are also available for you to choose from. Promotions and packages of optional channels are also available for current and future subscribers of the Free TV phone number. Video on demand services with over 40,000 references of wide selection are open 24 hours on your TV, where the rental fee will be charged directly to your Freebox bill. Canal + or Canalsat are also one of the features of the Free TV.

Getting in touch with the Free TV
If you want to know more about what the Free TV phone number has to offer you, then you have to explore the official website of the Free TV at There are still many people who wish to subscribe to Free TV and if you want to call by phone then simply dial 1044. For current Subscribers, you may want to make a call for more information and technical assistance and calling the Free TV phone number at 3244 from 7am to 12midnight is what you need to do. Other concerns are also entertained by sending them a fax at 0899 90 5000. You may also post a mail at 75371 Paris Cedex 08 for your comfort.

Tips to Free TV customers
Customer Service representatives are always ready to answer every question that customers have and they would be very happy to assist you with your concerns. One of the things that you must know as current and future Free TV phone number subscribers is to learn about the Assistance Page, which will give you a big help about your unsolved issues. Aside from calling the Hotline of the Free TV during the off-peak hours, you may also visit the Free Centers near you if there is one and for online support, you may have a video conference with the Customer Care.

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