Facebook Phone Number

Facebook Phone Number


History of Facebook
On February 4, 2004, a social networking service called the Facebook was launched by the founder, Mark Zuckerberg together with his roommate named, Eduardo Saverin, who were both students at Harvard University. During that time, the members of the Facebook are limited to Harvard University students, but later on started to expand from one university to another university in Canada and the United States and having 21 universities in the United Kingdom. It was in September 2006, when everyone started using the Facebook phone number with an age limit of 13 going up, using their valid e-mail address and in 2008, reached a 100million users.

Products and Services
The Facebook phone number is not just simply for social networking, posting your pictures, videos, comments or status, playing games, and finding your social friends from around the world that allows users to use on their personal computers or smart phones. It also provides products, especially for developers, such as development tools for your business, Facebook applications, Facebook Ads, Facebook Social Plugins, Mobile Monetization solutions to grow your revenue, the Facebook Analytic Applications to understand the performance of your applications and other programs to help the developer community. Other platforms that the Facebook phone number provide are the Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Oculus, LiveRail and Internet.org.

Contacting the Facebook Customer Care Service
Technical support is always needed, especially in the Facebook phone number, where it is not only used for private reasons, but also used by many companies, organizations and establishments around the world. With the wide use of the Facebook, you can learn many things about their products and services, so simply visit the official website of the Facebook at www.facebook.be and for those who needs some help on how to use their Facebook accounts, they can read the Help Pages provided on the website. For those who needs support from the Facebook Customer Service, they may call the Facebook phone number at 1-877-788-9452.

Tips to Facebook Users
There are millions of Facebook phone number users and there are also many issues that users need, but everything is found on the webpage. The only thing you need is to learn how to read because whatever help you need regarding your Facebook Accounts, such as your passwords, contacts and your privacy are all provided on the official website of the Facebook. It is easy to learn how to use Facebook as long as you know how to use your computers, communication is easy and life is simply perfect when you can connect to your friends anywhere in the world.

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