UPS Phone Number

History and Facts about the UPS The UPS was founded in 1907 as a messenger company in the United States and established in Europe in 1976. The main goal of the UPS is to focus on enabling global commerce and that goal was made possible because the UPS phone number is now one of the[…]

VLM Airlines Phone Number

About VLM Airlines In 1993, the VLM started and became the most commercially prosperous airlines in Belgium and operating over 500 flights in a week from the airport of London City, but later in 2008, the VLM was acquired by the Air France-KLM through the Cityject and the VLM’s fleet was redesigned in Cityjet colours[…]

Jetairfly Phone Number

Jetairfly Profile and History In 2003 the Jetairfly phone number was founded and started its operations in 2004 having 5 aircraft and as of 2015 having 22 aircraft, being the second largest Belgian airline company having a network with 187 routes to and from 101 airports, the Jetairfly is then the fastest rising airline company[…]

KLM Phone Number

Historical Background of the KLM Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V. or the KLM is the Netherlands’ flag carrier airline and is a Royal Dutch Airlines, which was founded in 1919 by Albert Plesman and it is actually the oldest functional airline in the world carrying travelers and shipments to about 130 destinations. It is also known[…]

Sanef Phone Number

What about Sanef? One of the motorway companied operating 2063 kilometers of motorways in France is the Sanef. The mission of the Sanef phone number to be a leader in the highway management worldwide will be possible by maintaining, manipulating, securing, valorizing and developing the business with the management of Lluis Deulofeu who is the[…]

TNT Airways Phone Number

TNT Airways History Ken Thomas started a business in 1946 comprising of only a single truck, which later continued to grow. It was in 1961 when the TNT was first listed on Sydney’s stock exchange and later in 1967 created a new company, called the Thomas Nationwide Transport, which started its express freight services in[…]

Thomas Cook Phone Number

Company History The Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium, which was founded in December 12, 2001 and commenced its operations in March 13, 2002, is a Belgian airline maintained by the Thomas Cook Group operating leisure charter flights to the Mediterranean from the Brussels and Liege Airports. From the start until January 2004, passengers can only purchase[…]

Brussels Airlines Phone Number

History of the Brussels Airlines In 2002, the Brussels Airlines started when the SN Airholding, who was the mother company of the Brussels Airlines, was created by 40 investors who aimed about ensuring the continuity of a reliable air connection to and from Brussels and later formed the name, SN Brussels Airlines. The EU Commission[…]