SFR Mobile Phone Number

History of the SFR Mobile In 1987, the SFR Mobile phone number was established and until now it is still operating and continuing its services in telephony and fixed mobile Internet distributed on the market for customers, commerce and partakers. SFR was created by the Compagnie Generale des Eaux that was renamed to Vivendi and[…]

Ortel Mobile Phone Number

The Ortel Mobile was born Companies in line with communication keep on popping up from everywhere. Competition is tough in telecommunication companies, but in 2005, a company called Ortel Mobile was established in the Netherlands and in 2006 was founded in Belgium. At present, the Ortel Mobile phone number is also available in Germany, France[…]

Proximus Phone Number

Facts about the Proximus Group In 1930s the RTT started bringing the telephone to Belgium and with the fast-growing number of users in the country, it has been established and became a group named as the Proximus Public Limited Company, which is under the Belgian Public Law that took effect on the 22nd of June[…]

Vodafone Phone Number

The Board and the rise of the Vodafone Group Plc The Vodafone Group Plc was headed by the Chairman named Gerard Kleisterlee with Victorio Colao as the Chief Executive, Nick Read as the Chief Financial Officer and other board of members; has grown as a strong business telecommunications group in England and known worldwide. In[…]

Mobistar Phone Number

Brief Background about the Mobistar One of the major players in the field of telecommunications in Belgium and Luxembourg is a company called the Mobistar, where the Orange Group holds the majority of shareholders. The Chief Executive Officer of the Mobistar, named Jean Marc Harion started in 2011. Under the good management of the Executive[…]