Zalando Phone Number

About the Zalando The Zalando was founded in 2008 in Belgium, by Robert Gentz and David Schneider. With professionals from 100 nations, the Zalando was created to deliver a wide variety of fashion products online to customers across Europe. In 2015, the Zalando phone number is being operated in 15 European countries with the collaboration[…]

INBEV Phone Number

What about the INBEV (Anheuser-Busch InBev)? A multi-national brewing establishment based in Leuven, Belgium started in 1987 when Artois (Leuven) and Piedboeuf (Liege Jupille) merged. In 2004, Interbrew and Brazil’s AmBev emerged and in 2008, InBev combined Anheuser-Busch and called, the INBEV (Anheuser-Busch InBev), which has around 25% of its market share in the whole[…]

2dehands Phone Number

What’s with 2dehands? In 1997, 2dehands was created by a couple of young guys who thought it would be nice to create a site where they can sell their second hands computer parts and where others can buy things they do not need again. 2dehands phone number is the best advertising solution through online, that[…]

2ememain Phone Number

What about the 2ememain? In 1999, the 2ememain was founded in Belgium as one of the first classified sites having 42 sections became popular and visitors still continue to rise and increase having almost 700,000 people visiting the 2ememain site every day with an average of 60,000 new advertisements added daily from clothing to collectibles.[…]

CAF Phone Number

About the CAF The CAF is an organization and a network formed by the CNAF or the National Fund for Family Allowances. The Family Allowances or the Family is the best-known paying benefits for families covering 30.6 million people, which is more than 50% of the population in France, with more than 11 million beneficiaries,[…]

Colruyt Phone Number

About the Colruyt In 1925, the Colruyt started as a small company in Belgium and now has grown to a big company having 16,000 people employed in different sectors of the Colruyt phone number. A significant change in the Colruyt happened with the inception of the supermarkets in Belgium in 1964 because a new market[…]

Decathlon Phone Number

Decathlon International History 1976 marked the opening of the first store of the decathlon near Lille with the concept of offering a wide range of sports equipment to customers in a self-service and at low prices, then in 1986, decathlon opened their store in Germany, 1992 in Spain, 1999 in Chatelineau, Belgium, 2002 in Roeselare[…]

Delhaize Phone Number

What about the Delhaize? A new revolution in the distribution of food was born and it was witnessed through the Delhaize by introducing various grocery shops, wines, colonial goods and a formed central warehouse. In 1867, the Delhaize Group was established by Jules Delhaize in Belgium. The Delhaize phone number started in 1883 and as[…]

Cdiscount Phone Number

About the Cdiscount An e-commerce website on the Internet and the online retailing industry that was based in France, offering a wide variety of products, called The Cdiscount, was created in December 1998 by the brothers, Herve, Christophe and Nicolas Charle in Bordeaux, France. The present owner of the Cdiscount is Cnova having a total[…]

La Redoute Phone Number

The birth of the La Redoute A private company and an e-commerce website based in Roubaix, France, called the La Redoute phone number was founded in 1837 specialized in lady’s clothing. Joseph Pollet started the business and his son Charles continued in 1873. Their first catalogue was issued in 1928 and the name La Redoute[…]