Fortis Phone Number

Fortis at a Glance Since May 2009, the Fortis Bank has been a part of the BNP Paribas. In the field of insurance, BNP Paribas Fortis works very tight with the Belgian market leader, the AG Insurance. The BNP Paribas is a leading European financial group figure and a Euro zone’s largest deposit-taker and is[…]

ING Phone Number

Brief History of the ING In June 30, 1975 Banque de Bruxelles and Banque Lambert were merged to formBanque Bruxelles Lambert (BBL). Since the beginning of 1998, Banque Bruxeles Lambert (BBL) has been a part of the ING Group. At the general meeting on April 17, 2003, the shareholders of the BBL have come up[…]

KBC Phone Number

Brief History of the KBC Group Two Belgian banks named, the Kredietbank and the Cera bank, together with a Belgian insurance company, called the ABB, merged in order to form the KBC Bank and Insurance Holding Company in 1998. The expansion of the KBC in the Central and Eastern Europe was made possible in 1999[…]

AG Phone Number

History of the AG Real Estate Looking back at how AG (AG Real Estate) phone number was born, in 1824, the AG Insurance, formerly called the Assurances Generales, was created and continued its investments in real estate. The AG and Amev/VSB joined under the Fortis and then changed its name to Fortis AG in 1990.[…]