Billi Phone Number

Billi Phone Number

022 900 900

Brief Background about the Billi
The Billi BVBA was established on November 13, 2009 and at the end of 2015, the Billi phone number has passed the breakthrough of 40,000 customers. On the 1st of February, the Billi Foneo Datacenter and took over. Those accomplishments only show that the Billi have a strong independent, private, government and business offers and it also shows that customers trust the Billi solutions and facilities. If you are going to compare Billi with other providers, you will find competitive prices, but Billi will always provide a perfect change to the network by providing an effective and worth service.

Products and Services Offered
By offering the Billi Cloud Telephony solutions with the most diverse functionalities from a secure data center is the best thing that the Billi phone number have for Business clients in each Sector-specific solutions for self-employed and liberal professions, retail and education. Billi sales and service points to overview distributors and managing your products online are also parts of the amenities offered by the Billi phone number to their Business clients. Private services for personal use are also offered for your Internet, Fixed Telephony and Mobile that comes in various packages and promotions, so choose the one that best suit your needs.

Means to Contact and Know the Billi
Checking out the official website of the Billi phone number at is one of the simplest ways of finding information about the Billi products and services. Sending the Billi phone number an e-mail at is also a good way of reaching them out. You may find clear answers to your questions by reading the Frequently Asked Questions page and if you have other queries, then dial the Billi phone number 022 900 900 to talk to the Customer Service Representatives. If you would like to personally come to their office to discuss your concerns, and then come to Vrijheidweg 4, 3700 Tongeren, Belgium.

Simple Tips for Billi Customers and Clients
You may subscribe for newsletters so that you can receive offers and promotions directly to your mailbox by registering your e-mail address to the site of the Billi phone number. Visiting the nearest outlets is also possible if you can find them in your place. Before talking to the Customer Care agents, you may try creating a Support Ticket, which is found on the website of Billi, for your queries or complaints or browsing the Administrative Documents page. Check your time when you are calling because the Customer Service representatives will only be available on weekdays from 9am up to 5:30pm.

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