Aquafin Phone Number

Aquafin Phone Number

+32 (0)3 450 45 11

The Aquafin Facts
In 1990, the Flemish Region established the Aquafin for the purpose of increasing, running and pre-financing the wastewater management infrastructure in Flanders; and they will continue to search on strategies for global changes. The Flemish Environmental Holding is the only shareholder in the Aquafin phone number and its daughter company, the Aquaplus is a 100% subsidiary and was founded as an international contracting unit for Aquafin’s proficiency and standards. The Aquafin follows the Belgian Corporate Governance Code of 2009 under the board of its directors signed, VOF-MATERIE, who was represented by Erik Matthijs is the Charmain and Luc Bossyns is the Managing Director of the Aquafin N.V.

Services offered by the Aquafin
The Aquafin phone number collects household wastewater from the municipal sewers and then transport that to wastewater treatment plants where it is treated accordingly with the European and the Flemish standards. Commercial services for Flemish municipalities are provided for the expansion and management of the municipal sewage system. A long term service or an ad-hoc tasks to the Aquafin may be chosen in availing their service. Commercial services through the Aquaplus N.V., which is a daughter company of an Aquafin phone number is also encouraged by the Flemish government. Research strategies such as viable wastewater treatment, unified water resources management and asset management are focused to deal with the universal changes.

Contacting the Aquafin Customer Service
Learning more about the wide range of services offered by the Aquafin phone number is good and you can read more about them on their official website at For those who would like their questions to put into writing, you may send them an e-mail at [email protected] or you may post your mails at Seat, Aquafin N.V., Dijkstraat 8, 2630 Aartselaar, Belgium. If you wish to talk to the Aquafin staff for an urgent call, you may dial the Aquafin phone number +32 (03) 450 45 11 and the emergency number 0800 16 603 or you may send a Fax at +32 (03) 458 30 20.

Tips to Customers of Aquafin
A customer will always have more knowledge and understanding of the Aquafin phone number if you are going to read about them through their official website, all the necessary information about the services of the Aquafin are explained, so it will be wise for everyone to be aware. Residents are lucky because the Aquafin Customer Service is always available to assist from Monday to Friday at 8am to 5:30pm and on Fridays at 8am to 5:30pm, if you failed to call on that schedule, the Aquafin is kind enough because an emergency phone number is open after office hours to hear your concerns.

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