Ageas Phone Number

Ageas Phone Number

+32(0) 2 557 57 11

Brief History of Ageas
Jozef De Mey is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ageas, which was first created in the name of Fortis in 1990 and started its insurance activities in Asia in 2001, and later the Fortis became Ageas in April 2010. For 190 years, the Ageas phone number has been famous and known internationally as a trusted insurance company serving in 13 countries across Europe and Asia with a total workforce of more than 40,000 people. Among other insurance companies, the Ageas ranks as the No. 1 insurer in Belgium and is listed on Euronext Brussels and in the BEL20 index.

Ageas serves the customers
The Ageas phone number helps customers to cope, expect and insure the risks through a wide variety of products aimed for their needs in the present and for their future, especially when it comes to properties, casualties, life and pensions. The Ageas phone number have settled long term arrangements with market-leading local financial institutions and traders around the world to get closer to its customers by offering Life and Non-Life solutions in retail and business clients, which are intended and suitable for the specific needs of the customers. It is clearly seen that Ageas is not just a business, but values knowledge transfer.

Contacting the Ageas
Customers from different countries will be very glad to hear from the Ageas phone number who are always looking forward to keep in touch with them and one of the easiest ways of learning about the Ageas phone number is by visiting their official website at If you would like to come to their office, then you may check the Access Map online or simply go to Rue du Marquis 1 – Markiesstraat 1, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. You may contact the Ageas phone number at +32(0) 2557 5711 or send a fax at +32(0) 2557 5750. A contact form is also available from the webpage for your questions or comments.

Some Recommendations for future customers
Contacting the Ageas phone number will surely be comfortable for any customers as the Ageas always want to help, but as a new and aspiring customer of the Ageas, it is best for you to register and become a member of the Ageas Club because of the benefits that is a great advantage for you. Once you are already a member of the club, you will then have a chance to attend and participate on the events and seminars, you may participate in the contests and you will receive press releases so that you will be updated with the latest news and insights of the Ageas.

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